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    Asheville, NC is not just a place on the map for me – it's home, heart, and a whole lot of cool vibes. Growing up, I'd wander those downtown streets like they were my own backyard. And guess what? I soaked in the art of small business firsthand.

My love affair with the lens started when my mom upgraded to a "mom camera." But it was when I got my hands on that first DSLR at 16 that things really got poppin'. Street photography was my jam, capturing all the quirky, real moments of Asheville life.

From there, I jumped into the world of editorial shots, and that's where my style started to groove.

Now, I'm all about weddings, elopements, and those kick-back portraits – couples, engagements, mamas-to-be, and even the solo stars. My style? Think editorial mixed with the candid energy of photojournalism. I'm all about capturing you in your natural element, living and loving without the fuss.

Here's the deal – I'm not just your photographer; I'm the one who's gonna make you feel like we're old friends just hanging out. Seriously, let's make memories and capture the real you, all while having a blast.

When I'm not chasing shots, I'm a mom to two awesome boys and three furry doggos. Every single day, I count my lucky stars that I get to do what I love and meet incredible people along the way. And you know what? I hope you're next!


Wedding and portrait photographer in Asheville, NC specializing in natural, cinematic, photojournalistic images.

Asheville Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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